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Academy Award and Emmy Award winning software developer Colorfront provides pioneering high-resolution on-set digital processing systems for the most demanding feature film and TV productions.

If you want a solid, reliable, no compromise solution, then look no further than Colorfront Transkoder. As a company, they work with you to discuss your needs and implement a result that just works. Simple as that. They have a lot of expertise in color science, and they always keep on top of the latest specs, formats and delivery standards that are being developed. We have great knowledge of Colorfront and great faith and trust in their products for UHD HDR delivery. You can absolutely rely on them.
Arsenal colorist Larry Field

NAB 2016

Colorfront Pushes the Limits of Cinema at NAB 2016 | 72 KB
Colorfront On-Set Dailies 2016 ships with trailblazing support for HDR/HFR/8K/Multi-cam workflows

Colorfront Ships Transkoder 2016 with Cutting-Edge UHD HDR Tools at NAB 2016 | 71 KB
8K benchmark performance unleashed and new cloud deployments unveiled

NexGuard and Colorfront join forces on UHDTV & HDR forensic watermarking at NAB 2016 | 127 KB
The joint NexGuard and Colorfront solution, a world first, combines NexGuard’s award-winning forensic watermarking with Colorfront’s Transkoder and On-set Dailies products, enabling the protection for a vast range of dailies, mezzanine and master deliverables at all stages of the production and post production workflow, whilst also allowing users to track the source of illicit B2B and B2C distribution, particularly of 4K/UHDTV and HDR content.

Transkoder 2016 Brochure (new) | 766 KB
On-Set Dailies 2016 Brochure (new) | 1.5 MB

Transkoder Highlights

DCP and IMF – Industry-leading IMF, DCP, AS-11 DPP mastering, authoring, validation, and QC tool
Performance – 4K DCP/UHD IMF and HEVC encoding at 100+ FPS
RAW support – Highest quality RAW deBayering from any camera from ALEXA65 to Varicam 35 VRAW
Colorfront Engine – 32-bits per channel managed look pipeline built on ACES 1.0
Watermarking – NexGuard forensic watermarking from Civolution even in 4K and HDR
HDR – Dolby Vision support and industry leading HDR mastering tools
Dolby Atmos – Transkoder is certified to create DCPs with Dolby Atmos audio
2x UltraHD 4K – dual real-time 4K video outputs for concurrent HDR / SDR mastering
PC, Mac & Cloud – Running on off-the-shelf workstation, no obsolescence-prone, proprietary hardware

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