Colorfront at SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2022

Colorfront will exhibit at Booth 316 at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit 2022 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel in Hollywood, from October 24-27, 2022.

Colorfront at IBC 2022

Colorfront will be at IBC 2022 in Amsterdam from September 9-12, 2022.

Book a private demo at our suite at the Hotel Okura Amsterdam to see the latest Transkoder 2022 with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos mastering, QCPlayer in the Cloud playing back the latest ARRI Alexa 35 RAW directly from S3 cloud storage, Express Dailies 2022 and Transkoder 2022 running on the Mac Studio with dual XDR displays, and Colorfront Streaming Server streaming 4K Dolby Vision + Dolby Atmos to Streaming Player on Apple TV 4K, Mac Book Pro, iPad Pro and iPhone Pro.


IBC 2022, Amsterdam – Colorfront is reporting a surge in global demand for its live-streaming systems for remote collaboration, as the company showcases new features across the product line at IBC 2022. These include advances to the latest versions of Colorfront Streaming Server, Streaming Server Mini, Streaming Player, Advanced Streaming Gateway and Broker Invitation System.
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IBC 2022, Amsterdam – Colorfront is showing potent new connectivity and image-processing capabilities across its Express Dailies, On-Set Dailies and Transkoder systems at IBC 2022. These include streamlined integration into NDI and IMF component-based media workflows, expanded support for AWS cloud storage and the latest digital camera/audio formats, plus new timeline editorial/user-interface tools.
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Colorfront Transkoder delivers a masterful performance at Annapurna Studios

The Telugu film industry, also known as ‘Tollywood’, has blossomed to become one of the largest film industries in India, shooting and releasing hundreds of features each year. CTO CV Rao expalains how Annapurna Studios is harnessing the power of Colorfront Transkoder for deliverables and DCP / IMF mastering needs.

RRR was shot in-and-around the capital city and premiered on over 10,000 screens worldwide, in a large range of multi-language release formats, including IMAX, 3D-stereo and Dolby Cinema. After colour grading the movie, Annapurna Studios struck no fewer than 70 DCP masters for worldwide distribution using Colorfront Transkoder.

“Transkoder has been a most welcome addition to our mastering facility”

Colorfront Transkoder delivers a masterful performance at Annapurna Studios | 1 MB

Streaming Player

Streaming Player is Colorfront's streaming video receiver software, that can decode the encrypt HEVC stream from Streaming Server and Colorfront Transkoder / Dailies products, and which supports professional video output to a variety of displays, from your phone to a 4K Dolby cinema.

You can securely stream from any Colorfront Software including On-Set Dailies, Transkoder, QC Player or Streaming Server (Mini) to multiple remote Streaming Players at the same time.

Colorfront Streaming Player Platforms

Colorfront Streaming Player is now supported a variety of platforms, so you can enjoy reference quality sub-second latency video streaming in a 4K cinema, on your laptop or even on the latest iPhone.

  • [new] Apple TV 4K
  • [new] iPad Pro M1 with Liquid Retina XDR display
  • [new] MacBook Pro M1, M1 Pro / M1 Max CPU and the liquid retina XDR display
  • Mac Pro with Apple Pro Display XDR
  • PC workstations from HP and Supermicro with professional video output using BlackMagic Decklink and AJA Kona 5 video
  • M1 Mac Mini and 24-inch M1 iMac
  • iPhone 12 / 13 Pro/Pro Max

Streaming Server Users

Colorfront Streaming Server has taken Hollywood by storm, with most of the major studios, OTTs, and post-production facilities already using Colorfront Streaming Servers for their high-end streaming needs.
Streaming Server offers four (4x) channels of 256-bit AES encrypted reference-quality 4K Dolby Vision HDR video, each with upto 16 channels of 24-bit PCM audio, all from a single 1RU server.

Streaming Server Mini - A Brand New Way to Share

Streaming Server Mini streams reference quality HD video and 8 channels of audio.
Free BETA is now available for NVidia PCs and M1/Max/Pro + intel based Macs and supports NDI as well as most AJA and Blackmagic cards.

Colorfront Streaming Server Mini is a brand new, software-only product that allows creatives to live-stream material directly from popular NLE, compositing and color grading systems, without the need for additional hardware.

First introduced at HPA 2022, Streaming Server Mini software-only solution, which can be easily installed and run on the same workstations that creative artists use to perform editorial, compositing and color-grading tasks. Using Streaming Server Mini, work-in-progress content can be easily streamed to stakeholders, wherever they are around the world.

Colorfront unveils cutting-edge innovations for remote, color-accurate 4K HDR postproduction at HPA 2022 | 110 KB

Sub-second latency reference quality video streaming from live video gives you the quality of review you would expect in a grading suite or screening room, but remotely. Share colour and frame-accurate footage in SDR or HDR from third-party applications such as Blackmagic Resolve or Autodesk Flame – all in real-time.

Streaming Server Mini works in real-time with HD or 2K content, in Rec709 SDR or HDR, and uses SRT (Secure Reliable Transport Protocol) to deliver pristine quality, low-latency live video, plus multi-channel audio, over the public internet to multiple remote clients concurrently. 256-bit AES encryption is used to ensure content remains secure and protected.

Streaming Server Mini is currently in private beta, if you would like to sign up, please sign up, and we will contact you with further instructions and a download link.

The best part about Colorfront Streaming Server is the ability for us to work in our native color space and resolution, and still include our collaborators around the world. I can grade in my theater in 4K XYZ, P3 while my remote collaborators can view a faithful HD Rec.709 representation at the same time. Having the ability to do this on one box has been a game changer.
Alex Bickel, Founder of Color Collective in New York.



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